How good are D-Way Tools?

Ralph Lindberg
Really good

I needed a taller tool post for my McNaughton Coring gate. Not real tough, just a piece of 1-inch mild steel rod, with section about 1-1/2 inches long turned down to ¾ of an inch.

I don’t have a metal lathe, but I do have a 3-jaw machinist chuck that fits on one of the lathes and some of Dave’s M42 tools.

Well, M42 is used to machine steel….

It took some playing around to find which of the tools I have cut the best. With the approach angle I was using the best tool was the Bottom Feeder gouge. I found this tool, riding the bevel, produced the biggest chips. I also found that the edge lasted about as long (cutting time) as this same edge does turning a bowl.

Now hand turning steel does not produce a finish as nice as you will get from a regular machinist lathe, but with a little time with a file produces an acceptable finish for my needs.
This is also not something I could recommend for the novice turner, maintaining a constant approach angle is critical

But the really impressive part was how well the D-Way tools cut mild steel.

(Yes Dave is an old friend of mine)

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