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Ray Carson - Lawrenceville, NJ
Nice video and Sketchup is a wonderful "little" program for doing three dimensional drawings of a lot of things.
I've been a career drafts-person for the past 30+ years. I'm a professional drafts person by trade and I've done a lot of hand drafting. I have been using AutoCAD for 25 of those years. I've also been using Sketchup since it's inception, and now Revit. Revit is a VERY convoluted and complicated 3D drafting program which I have yet to master. :)
I'm 51, so I'm open to the technology we have today and willing to learn new things. But I'm also a bit "old school" with certain things.
Sketchup has changed or made it easier for many to step into the world of my profession with a relatively simple program. That being said, the learning curve on Sketchup can be daunting to some and if you don't have a feeling for "space" and size, it is my opinion that a good old pencil and paper can't beat getting that feeling of how big or small to make something. Some people can't draw either which is also a problem. Sometimes the ole' "trial and error" or the hands on approach is the only way some can grasp size and space.
I commend and thank you on sharing the video and I encourage people to look into giving Sketchup a try. It's a lot of fun to draw with.
I would also tell people who are looking for design help or ways to progress their craft to read books on turning, watch YouTube, look at the shapes and things around you in nature ....... understanding size and space is key.

Do what works for you. :)

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