Re: Lidding a hollow form *PIC*

George Balock
Typically when do a hollow form with a collar and finial, I turn the collar to fit the opening by holding the wood in a chuck and using a waste block for the part that is held by the jaws. This allows me room to undercut the rim of the collar and use a drill to drill out the opening without wasting too much wood (I like to work with Balckwood). Once the collar is finished, I will glue it into the hollow form and finish turn where the collar transitions inside the vessel. Once this is done, it is fairly easy to fit the finial to the opening. I learned this technique from an article in the AAW journal a while back. It is in 17:1:50 and is by Art Liestman. I have a PDF of it. If you send me a PM, I can send it to you.

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