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John K Jordan
People, remember, John L.'s day in the shop starts at 4am!

I actually finished a woodturning! A present for a young friend. Faced with what to make for an 11-year-old girl (I had previously given her a lidded box) I decided on a pencil holder, walnut, not yet finished here but with some "danish" oil slopped on:

As a bonus I decided I'd made it too tall and cut off a ring which "turned" out to be perfect for a bracelet. So there, two turnings. You must be impressed.

Related to turning, Gordon S. came by Saturday with big chunks of oak and maple and for some entertainment at the sawmill. I cut bowl, platter, box, and vase/urn blanks. I even got to rescue Gordon's truck with the tractor since for some unfathomable reason he bought a 2wd vehicle that couldn't manage a 3-deg slope.
I didn't know you could still buy a 2wd truck. :)

Photography by the ever-talented Jake N.

Gordon, practicing his chain-tensioning skills.


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