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John K Jordan
>>>You are getting farm visits when they are in the large animal rotation, aren't you? In fact, you should be paid for allowing them to be exposed to llamas and peacocks.

Actually these are informal visits from friends! Years ago one of the girls was in the SS kindergarten class I teach and we've been friends with the family since. Over the years they have visited our farm to play with the animals, ride the 4-wheelers, put chickens in the freezer, and learn to run the backhoe.

Her natural curiosity and drive goes well with our occasional "supply" of varmints and animals with problems. For example when this girl's dad helped me bury a horse she did a bit of necropsy on the leg problem which put the horse down. One girl is specializing in pathology and the other in large animal care - when they are working on animals together I certainly learn a lot! (They graduated #1 and 2 in their class in the undergrad part of the vet program.) Hanging out with young people like this gives me hope for the next generation! ...sometimes stretched thin when I read the newspaper...


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