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instant gratification ()

Steven Antonucci
It's a pet peeve of mine.

I have had people coming into my class with the thought that "we'd just make a bowl!", even though there was nothing in the description that should have given them any sense that we would "just make a bowl".

I also forbid sanding in my class, for the very simple reason that we are not making a ____, but using the ____ to learn important concepts about how to work with wood on a lathe. The goal should be to understand the concept, and then practice the right techniques back at your own shop (instead of trying to guess what some of the YouTube heroes are showing you...ugh)

I also want them to know that failure is routine and part of learning, and that you need to move on quickly from failing. Too many "how do I "rescue" this questions. I've bandsawed things to prevent someone from spending time with it when they could be more productive...


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