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john lucas
Steve Please read what I wrote below. I totally agree that learning the cuts without completing a project is the best way to go. However I find the students really want to go home with a project. I think that is very important to get them to come back. I had one guy in a class that was constantly blowing things up. I told him don't worry about not finishing a project. Just practice the cuts and keep turning until there's no wood left. Then get another piece and try again. I should say he had already been turning for a while. Anyway he came up after class and told me that was the best learning experience he had. Again this guy was already turning and just needed to improve his cuts. The average student I get has never seen a lathe and in many cases have never done anything mechanical or artistic in their life and desperately need to come away with a fun stress free experience if they are ever going to do it again.

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