Re: Crown Revolutionary Hollower

Peter Hyde
I bought one when they first came out several years ago. Frustration, frustration, frustration! Screws wouldn't securely lock the links in position, screw heads constantly stripping from over tightening because it needed so much force to prevent movement. Brass cutter shield was a real pain to set up because it meant over tightening the screws to hold the settings. Brass is slippery so it definitely was a bad choice in this application. Mine has a 1/2" diameter shaft that fits into a brass bushing to go into the handle. Tighten set screws against the brass bushing and it distorts and makes tool removal extremely difficult. I ended up drilling 2 holes through the bushing so the screws bit into the shaft. My complaints to Crown through their main seller resulted in me receiving extra screws and links and cutters, but it didn't solve any of the frustrations. This tool is badly engineered and I feel the brass is there for decoration rather than practicality. Vibration was really bad with the ring cutters and the scrapers mainly because of the small shaft diameter. I think the newer ones now have a bigger shaft. Hollowing deepre than 4" was almost impossible.
Moved on to a full size Rolly Munroe and a mini Rolly Munroe which still have the stripping screw head problems but nowhere near as bad.
I use the Rolly Munroes in a Sorby handle which has the bigger side handle and I have no problems hollowing to 10 or 11" Also use it on the inside of bowls as it cuts equally as well in push and pull cuts meaning twice the amount of material removal with each pass of the tool. Both Rollies have been retro fitted with carbide cutters.

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