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john lucas
I have owned a Paasche and now an Iwata. Binh PHo used to recommend the Iwata. The problem is there are lots of models of each and I simply don't know what to recommend. I purchased what Hobby Lobby had on sale. I will have to get the model #. Grex gets a lot of good recommendations but I've never used one. I do think the trigger kind of paint regulator might be easier than the top button to learn how to use.

You also have to consider whether you want gravity feed or bottom feed. with bottom feed you can have interchangeable bottles that is a lot faster. Those however take a lot of paint and not sure how long you can store the paint in them. If you do a lot of work like the guys in the T shirt design business it would work out.

If your just wanting to spray large areas like coloring part of a hollow vessel or filling in large masked off areas then a really cheap airbrush like the Harbour Freight $9.99 model will work. If you want to try and draw fine lines or have much better control then you need to look at the higher dollar variety. I've been watching videos where guys teach you how to improve your less expensive air brush. Seems like a lot of work.

For someone like me who only occasionally does airbrush work and not in high quantity I think the gravity feed works better. I can put in just a few drops if I want to. Lots of considerations. Read as much as you can. I hope maybe other will chime in

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