Re: Trucking companies and reading stickers on fre

Barry Irby
This on is in Richmond, VA, but they are scattered all over. I have also heard about one that sells building materials north of here, but have forgotten the specifics.

The facility I was thinking of has two different sides. On the larger side (N&W) they sell something like 400 to 500 pallets of stuff. On the smaller side (Estes) they sell something like 400 different items or lots, but less than pallet quantities. there is another one in town (Foremost) that sells about 400 lots of stuff.

Absolutely no telling what you will find. Pallets of shoes, Lawn furniture, Flooring, Laminate flooring, Doors, Truck front ends, auto parts, filters, food, tools, blades, TV's, rolled oats, filing cabinets, kayaks,....on and on

I just put "Freight Auctions near me" into google and found these and several more.

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