Re: Trucking companies and reading stickers on fre

Barry Irby
My friend and I attend trucking auctions once or twice a month. People ask, What's there? My answer is, Whatever fell off the truck this month.

Its astonishing. I have bought any number of tools. Sometimes you buy a pallet of tools and find some damaged and some like new. We take two or three and make one out of them. Sell most of them and keep one or two. If you get them for ten cents on the dollar you can do well.

There is lots of furniture, most of it so mangled no one wants it. Lots of kitchen cabinets and vanities. Many with broken tops and damage. They often go for nearly nothing. We use them in houses we flip. Or I make minor repairs and sell them.

Our buyers are funny. Post a picture clearly showing the damage and try to sell a $1,000 vanity for $100. People show up and say "Oh!, it's damaged!" Did they really think they were getting a like new vanity for 1/10 the new price?

I'm hoping for a truck load of Festool stuff. (Not to wish them any bad luck of course.)

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