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Don Evans
OK, thanks to all of you. I think the only mistake I made is not going with the final depth from the beginning. That really simply thing makes it much easier.
I, having never done this type of cut before, was really reluctant to do that.
To answers some of you questions:
Yes, the bit has a bearing.
That is a neat tip with the tape on the fence but I'm fortunate to have an Incra table with their Wonder Fence. I can change the setting on the fence in 1/1000th inch movements!
Yes cherry burns like crazy but I didn't worry about it as this will be painted dark brown.
For the ends I was using the pin and bearing on top for stability. The books I have used a wooden fulcrum instead of a pin. Seems to me either of those would be ok.
I'll go out to shop and do the final cut today, at least I have the confidence that it should go well. Thanks much!

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