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I'm confused as to your technique. Are you using a bearing ogee bit? I was taught to go around the board. Not to cut the ends and then the sides; i.e. just keep rotating the board. Yes, you get tear out, but on the last cut there isn't any.
Raising the bit on an ogee bit I don't think is the way to do it for multiple passes. You should set it to the height you want it, then use the fence to keep the wood off the bearing. After you have made one complete rotation, move the fence back and use the bearing. At least that's the way I was taught and do it.
Raising the ogee bit, does not allow the complete cut area to be exposed to each pass. So, you are not doing multiple passes. Each time you raise the bit, you are cutting new wood. If you understand what I'm saying.
I'm not a pro. I'm just a hacker who's made tons of mistakes.
Maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe someone else will have some better help.

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