Re: A different way to 'turn' a pen

When I joined I.A.P. years ago, Eagle was one of the more creative penturners. Outside the box? I believe he used the box to make a pen! He was from Camden, SC and did all his creative pen making in an old shed. I believe he suddenly passed on July 4th 2008. He once stated he could make a pen out of anything. Denim, feathers, paper, string, wood, corian, all became pens.

He used very simple tools, scroll saw, lathe, drill press and copious amounts of super glue.
He was fond of saying "figure it out" when asked about his technique. Thus, encouraging you to try new methods.

Here what he said about his lamination's:

"The thickness of the veneer is determined by the kerf of the blade.
Witha scroll saw there is no sanding.For me the bandsaw is pretty much useless for the detail I like.
The veneer in the Cross in Pentarsia is .016. It is also a "buried cut which cannot be done on a bansaw unless you cut and weld the blade and then cut the blade to retreive the piece".



The links are just two examples of his creativeness.

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