Shiny sports car *PIC*

John K Jordan
I looked through my directory of photos of students and those who came to the shop to hone skills or just to play. It turns out that the number of males and females were about equal, a wide variety of ages too, from 10 to 70+.

This made me wonder about why there SEEMED to be more girls interested. One thing came to mind - the boys would come, learn and practice, then go away. The girls were more like to learn something, practice a little, then say "Hey, I want to make a _____!" then come back again and again. This gives me something more interesting to photograph than another spindle practice stick! And some girls seem to have more enthusiasm and perhaps a bit more creativity, but maybe it just seems that way when they want to make something instead of just practice..

I consider myself an equal-opportunity shop host without significant gender bias. I'll have to try to pay attention to see if I might encourage some more than others.

Here are some "guy" visits (I wish I had remembered to get photos of every visitor!):


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