Re: Which steel gets sharper.

Reed Gray
You forgot to test an obsidian chip where the edge goes down to 1 molecule thin, sharper than surgical scalpels.... As for edge durability, the V11 (I thought it was V10, or did Doug take it up a point??) and M42, they hold an edge far longer than M2. I bought 2 signature gouges to try the flute shape, and couldn't figure out what was wrong with them, because they would go dull so fast. I forgot that they were not the better metals which were the only tools I have cut with for years. I have a friend who can give a weather forecast for the next week depending on how his myrtle wood cuts (700 plus small plates/trays for 25 or more years), and he could detect no difference between the D Way and the Thompson tools.

I tried a 300X camera thing that hooks up to the computer, and couldn't get good enough resolution. Thanks for your efforts.

robo hippy

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