Re: Which steel gets sharper.

john lucas
then your missing the boat. The Hunter tool is sharper out of the box than my spindle gouge that I sharpened and honed. It also has a more acute cutting tip. Whenever I need a really fine finish or have wood that tears out I reach for the Hunters. Granted it wasn't as sharp as I got the other tools but then how many of you sharpen your turning tools to 2000 grit and strop afterwords.
As far as edge holding I simply couldn't test that. It would take too much time, too many tools and too much money. I can tell you that my Thompson tools will hold a decent edge longer than my other tools. I cannot tell you that it will necessarily hold a really sharp edge any longer. It seems like it does when using it daily against some other tools that are HSS but I have never done a really serious test.

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