dealing with it

John K Jordan
>>> Now I can't go outside for 10 minutes without freezing.

For some reason the silly animals and birds here still want food and water, even when it's cold. I have electric in seven places but they still need to be cleaned and filled. Fortunately, some years ago I put in a geothermal livestock waterer for the horses who drink more water than all the others combined.

I wear insulated coveralls over jeans and liners with a big jacket over that, headgear and insulated gloves.

>>>Maybe this cold snap will kill off some of the invasive bugs eating our trees.

I hope so too. Unfortunately everything I've read points to insect survival. Maybe if it hit -20 for 3 months it would make a difference but then some of us probably wouldn't survive either!

>>>Since the gas likely has about 8-10% alcohol in it already there is no need to dump any more into it since that is what the de-icer is.

Yes. I avoid gasoline with alcohol in vehicles when I can and refuse to use it in small engines. For example, I add a bit of deicer to the sawmill gas tank and slosh it around. I also have an additive I use in my diesel engines. Maybe it's also just alcohol, I don't know.

I am thankful we have a house for shelter - we have heat, electricity and running water on even the coldest days! Let's not forget the person who slept under the bridge last night.


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