Re: Cold.here. at least it is to us Southerners

john lucas
Yea I was went to Fall Creek Falls and photographed all day. Now I can't go outside for 10 minutes without freezing. sure was easier to tolerate this when I was young. I remember I was fine as long as I was moving. When I stopped to set up the tripod and take a photo (I used my 4x5 back then) My hands and feet would get so cold they hurt. Then I would have to hike rapidly for 10 minutes or so to get then warm although my feet never would warm up. I remember turning the heat on full and toward my feet in the car. I would take my boots off and have the heat hit my feet directly. Now I have this vibrating foot warmer that I use in the house to try and keep them warm at night. Isn't getting old fun.
It's 2 outside this morning. Haven't been to the shop but I left the thermostat set at 50 so it shouldn't be too bad.

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