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Another option is to find a used treadmill and salvage the DC motor and controller
from the machine and retrofit the drive system into your old lathe.
There are several videos on YouTube that detail the process of converting a lathe to this
type of drive system and control. The average treadmill has a 2-3 horsepower DC motor
and usually utilize a ribbed belt drive. You can re-use the speed controller from the treadmill
or source a cheap import DC controller of the proper size for the motor. I found the correct
sized 6-rib belt on Ebay for my lathe when I retrofitted it to a DC drive. I turned a pulley on
my metal lathe to fit the spindle shaft on the lathe, and fabricated a motor mount to adapt
to my lathe housing. You can usually find free treadmills on CraigsList if you jump on them
when they come up. There are other people grabbing up the treadmills making variable speed
belt sanders, grinders, ball mills and other such projects needing variable speed drives.

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