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John K Jordan
>>>Some of the options that have been presented are buy a new lathe, look for a good used one or do the speed update. Since I am nowhere near being accomplished Turner it seems that the least expensive way to address the challenge of variable speed is a new motor and a VFD.

Here is another very good and much cheaper option:

Keep the lathe you have. Turn many things and become an accomplished turner. Learn what kinds of things you like to turn. Learn what limitations of that lathe get in your way.

Many, many people have turned amazing things on that lathe and others like it. Variable speed is very nice and quite convenient but it's not a shortcut to expertise. A non-VS lathe won't stop you from turning anything and it won't let you learn fine tool control quicker or do better work than the next guy.

If you gain some experience with this lathe then you will be in a far better position to know what kind of lathe would be best for you in the long run. Save the money you would spend now and add to it and in a few years you can buy the best.


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