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Don Evans
Here's the truth of the matter. Have you priced wood? Do you have a limitless supply of free wood that is large?
I'm willing to bet that most everyone on here doesn't turn anything thicker that 4 or so inches if they gotta pay for it, it's also almost impossible to fine anything thicker than that for sale.
I have a Oneway 2436 and hardly every put anything on it more that 4" thick. I did manage to get some 6" square 12" long blanks from Canada when a couple of guys up there were closing there operation. I want to make some vases and hopefully will get to them, but here is my point, I had at one time a Nova 3000 which was 1hp DC motor with controller so I had VS that lathe was a 16" diameter where yours is 10". Never once did I stall or bog down the Nova.
Some people hog off wood and maybe they need more power but that way can make turning more dangerous. Doing it that way also beats the crap out of you.
I turn exotic wood so it is rare that I turn anything big.
So take the factor of what will you be turning into account in making your decision.
There really is no wrong or right way, DC or 3 phase, they both work.
One thing is correct, setting up a VFD from scratch can be a bear if you are not versed in electronic. But the most important thing is make sure before you purchase that you will get the manuals that will be needed. If the seller cannot provide these don't buy from them.

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