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Don Orr
Me Too! You have a lot of great suggestions on making your own skew so I'll let that be.
As for tool rests, I have made a few myself. I did several for our club's Jet mini lathes when the originals went missing. I used 3/4" square stock welded to 5/8" round stock with a corner of the square facing up for the tool to ride on. Just regular hot rolled steel available at many hardware dealers. Simple welding job which is good because I am no expert. I have a small MIG welder and it worked well. Ground the steel clean, good joint prep, preheat and Bob's your uncle. I have also done some out of 1" round stock for my big lathe and they work fine as well. Little welder did just fine for a unit that says it maxes out at 1/4". I'm not doing structural welding here. I have no problem with round bar tool rests like John L. My favorite and most used tool rest is made from 3/8" thick x 1.5" wide bar welded to 1" cold rolled rod at about a 45 deg. angle. The post is about an inch off center on the bar and is about 9" long. I also did one recently with a longer post for our club PM 3520B. Great fun and satisfaction to fabricate your own accessories. Give it a shot.

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