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John K Jordan
>>>JK, do you need a 6" skew? ... One piece I found is 5/16 x 3 x 10", marked Detroit Edge Tool company. I'd like to know how or why anyone would need a skew that wide!?

:) No, I don't need a 6" wide skew, I made that up as one reason to make a tool from scratch. It would be fun however to pull one out during a skew demo! John Lucas used an axe as a skew in a demo and it was entertaining.

Now a 3" skew would be handy for the occasional large diameter cylinder. I turned down a 5" cylinder to make a big cylinder/skew mockup for teaching and I had to stay alert using my widest skew at the time, a 1". (curved grind is better than straight grind for this) The mockup is great - I made wooden skew blade out of a 3" wide piece of wood and the combo is especially good for showing the bevel position and edge clearance needed when cutting deep v-grooves.

If you want to sell that 3" wide piece send me an email.

I just bought some 1.5" x 1/8" x 18" lengths of O1 steel (ground) to try my hand at making hand scrapers similar to the StewMac scrapers but different shapes. I've been using the StewMac scrapers more lately and can recommend them but man are they expensive: http://www.stewmac.com/Luthier_Tools/Types_of_Tools/Scrapers/StewMac_Ultimate_Scraper.html
The cost of the steel to make one is about 1/10th as much, less than $3. I'm going to try cutting shapes out with the plasma cutter, machine a bit, grind, then heat treat.


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