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John K Jordan
>>>I disagree about the round bar putting the tool too far out.

I'll bring you my modular Best Wood Tools 3/4" bars then if you can use them. :) They are very well made, of course.

He said he was going to make the tool rest from 1" bar. I think the usefulness depends on what you turn. I wouldn't want to use a 1" round bar for detail on a top using a 1/4" spindle gouge.

To me, one big advantage of the Robust rest, especially the low profile models, is fitting my left hand and fingers in the curve close to the support bar. A student here found she could slide her left forearm in the 14" Robust rest for good control when cutting the wings on a squarish platter.

This shows just the top of the short tool rest I used for years for small things. It would be extremely easy to make - It's just a flat on a piece of 1/2" thick steel welded at a slight angle to a tool post rod.

Dick, I bought a plasma cutter to save cutting with the oxy/acetylene although the torch is still great for heating for bending (or cutting through a railroad rail).

As for cutting flat steel, one of my favorite methods is to use a Milwaukee bimetal blade in a reciprocating saw - it's amazing how well that blade cuts angle iron and steel plate.

The reasons I see for making tools are to get special tools that can't be bought (like maybe a 6" wide skew), having no tool budget, or just wanting to make it yourself (a great reason!). I too recommended earlier (maybe it was on the other forum) to just buy an unhandled skew and turn happily ever after. Someone on another forum recommend buying a big scraper (Benjamin's Best or something) and grinding it into a skew. $20 will get a scraper with a handle already attached.


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