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John C Lucas
I disagree about the round bar putting the tool too far out. You cant ride on the bevel of the tool so you have to move the tool.rest far enough from the work so the tool.is riding on the shaft. When you do that with a Robust rest for example you will notice that the fulcrum point is exactly the same as the fulcrum point on a 3/4"round bar. I used to think the same thing until i carefullu observed.how ea h tool is used.

A nealing tools after hardeni g is extremely easy.. just stick them i. The oven at 325 degrees for 1/2 hour per quarter in h of thickness and then just tur. The oven off and let it cool. Takes the brittleness out of files or any other steel that has been hardened. Lea es the steel hard enough to hold a keen edge.

Lawn mower blaxes are good steel but can be hard to work unless you have a forge.

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