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John K Jordan
>>>I also want to make a few tool rests. Thinking of 1 ... out of a 1" bar.

If you mean a 1" round bar I personally wouldn't waste the steel and the time. I highly dislike toolrests with round supports unless they are quite small. I bought a very nicely made modular system from Best Wood Tools with a 3/4" round support and I won't use it. For me it puts the support point for the tool too far from the wood. A 1" round bar would be worse. I made one for one of my mini lathes from 5/8" round and I didn't even like that.

If you were not so cheap you would buy a Robust rest and never look back. Being cheap, you can make one very similar with a 1/4" hardened top rod tack welded to the top of a support. I have one made like this and it's good.

Note that a big round bar might be OK if I liked to turn a lot of huge things.


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