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Dick Coers
I definitely make some of my own devices like boring bars, but actual chisels is not one of them. I feel it's a false economy if you use the same quality steel. It takes a real effort to cut a tang out of a thick blank. HSS can take a lot of heat, but running a cutoff wheel in it for an hour may not be good. Definitely can't water quench in fear of introducing small fractures. If you buy one without a handle, you aren't paying much for them to put a tang and grind the bevel. If you buy a lesser quality steel, then it will be cheaper. But it won't be the same tool.

Angle iron is not a good choice for a tool rest. More than one turner has gotten a finger trapped in the angle when a tool slips back a little to much while in the wood. Woodcraft sold them for a while, then made an improved model with a piece of acrylic glued in to fill between the two angle iron legs. Not sure if they even sell them any longer.

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