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David Walser
Tim -- I don't have any experience with Bodger tools. I do have a lot of experience with the Chinese-made house-brands sold by a number of retailers -- including the Benjamins Best tools sold by Penn State, the tool sets from Harbor Freight and Grizzly, Jet, and others. Based on this unscientific sample, I believe you can get a quality tool from these sources. You can also get something that won't hold an edge. The issue seems to be with the hardening of steel, which is not something you'll be able to correct in your shop. If they've done it correctly, you're good. If not, you might as well be using a skew made from a butter knife. Some have reported that their tools were properly hardened for only the first inch or two of the the blade.

Even if they properly hardened the blade, you'll need to spend a lot of effort with a belt sander and a file to clean up the surfaces of the tool. They come fairly rough from the factory. As they come, they won't slide smoothly over your tool rest and the sharp corners will dig into the rest.


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