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Ed Davidson
George, I sold woodturnings and a few other handmade items through Etsy for a little over three years, averaging around $20k per year in sales, and quit them for a lower cost solution, with fewer anti-handmade-seller rules and processes last year. When Etsy first started, they were a 100% handmade seller's platform, and proud of it. About two years ago, they changed to more of an Amazon.com model where mass production factory made things are welcome. That change, along with repetitive product posting fees and a hefty sales commission schedule finally ran me off. I now use a much more cost effective (for me) platform called Zibbet...link below. You just pay a monthly or annual flat fee and that's it. The Zibbet platform and user interface is almost identical to Etsy, and I recommend it.

To be an effective seller on any third party selling platform, lots of customer networking is needed...Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, personal blogs, a personal website (resume), and any other form of networking you can think of. Take away the personal networking, and you're just a small fish in a big pond, no matter which platform you choose.

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