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John K Jordan
>>>I like turning a morse taper on the wood billet and inserting the wood billet directly into the head stock bore. On shorter spindle pieces the morse taper will hold the piece securely enough to part the spindle off on the tail stock end and proceed with light sanding while it is still seated in the morse taper. You can then part the piece off from the head stock and clean the bottom up on a belt or disk sander. This method provides the largest amount of clearance when turning small pieces between centers.

Another big advantage of this method - I can knock the piece out of the taper and put it back later and it will be in perfect registration. Try that with a scroll chuck.

If I'm doing a long thing spindle unsupported by the tailstock I'll drill a hole in the wood and hold it tight into the spindle MT with a 1/4-20 drawbar. I turned some 26" long tapers like this, tapering from 1/2" down to about 1/16"


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