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John K Jordan
>>>The advantages of a chuck mounted drive center all depend on the type of work being turned. ...

I agree - how many times have I heard "I do it this is the way" without describing the type of turning done.

- I find a chuck really gets in in the way for small things where I want to work close the the end
- A chuck can be a knuckle hazard.
- The thickness of the chuck limits the length of the spindle capable of being turned on a small lathe such as the Jet minis I carry to places.

This is how I turn thin spindles where even a small drive center can create stability problems: A chuck would be good for this except for a couple of issues, one, as mentioned, it gets in the way. I turn a short MT taper on the blank while held between centers then use the lathe spindle MT as a jam chuck.

This method has other real advantages as well for thin spindle over turning between centers or with one end held in a chuck.


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