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Reed Gray
I didn't know Vince was selling CBN wheels.... I get e-mails about once a week from businesses in China who want me to import their CBN grinding wheels.... No interest at all in that.

So, choices. If you are getting one, then get the 180 grit. It creates a nice burr on scrapers for heavy duty bowl roughing, and a nice burr for shear scraping. My old one has to be 6 or more years old, and it does cut pretty slowly now, and it had a couple of years of production work on it. Might have to retire it.... The 180 is fine for about 90% of the turning you will ever do.

For shaping tools, it depends on how much shaping you have to do. If you get a square scraper blank with no bevel, then you need a 36 grit belt sander. If you want to change from a 70 degree bevel to a 60 degree bevel, you can do it on an 80 grit wheel, but it is a slow process. Dave Schweitzer uses a 60 grit wheel on a 10 inch Jet high speed grinder for his shaping. Doug, I think, has about a 40 grit wheel on a high speed grinder for the shaping he does at shows.

You want the wide wheels. Even after I made the switch from jig sharpening to platform sharpening, I would run off the edge of the 1 inch wheels. Dang, major divot in wing, more grinding needed.... I don't think that has ever happened with the 1 1/2 inch wheels. I prefer the straight edge to the radius edge. The radius edge is nice for hollowing bits though.

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