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David Smith
I purchased my CBN wheels from Ken and they arrived yesterday. His customer service is outstanding. I had an issue with a CBN wheel for my Tormek and without hesitation he replaced it. That is why I bought two cbn wheels for my bench grinder from him.

I considered the less expensive ones but I wanted the wider 1.5" wheel so that I don't accidentally fall off the edge while grinding, and some of my skews are wider than 1". I opted not to go with the radius edge as the only benefit I could find for it was sharpening hollowing bits and for that I'm already used to sharpening them on a stone without the radius edge. It was an option that I wouldn't have used all that often where as the extra 1/2" of grinding surface I would take advantage of every time I used the grinder to sharpen.

I chose an 80 grit for shaping and for my scrapers. And for the second wheel I received a 350 grit. I would have been happy with the 180 or the 220 grit as well. And if I was to purchase only one wheel it would be the 180 grit as from what I've read the consensus is this is the best all purpose grit.

I also second giving Ken at woodturningwonders a call, he's very helpful in helping to decide what would be a good fit for you.

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