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Paul Grenier
I ended up buying my CBN wheels from Ken Rizza at Wood Turners Wonders. I got an 80grit with radiused edges and a 350 grit non radiuse wheel. I got the metal core wheels and don't have any experience with the non metal core wheels. Call Ken and talk to him. He'll sell you what you need not things that you don't need. His customer service is great. I use the 80 grit for my scrapers and if I damage any of my tools (so far hasn't happened) to straighten our the damage. I use the 350 on all of my gouges - spindle and bowl and it sharpens them to a very keen edge.
You didn't ask for recommendations for turning tools, but I've replaced all of my Sorby tools with tools from Doug Thompson at Thompson Tools. His prices are very good and they come either with or without a handle. His steel is of extremely high quality and they hold an edge very well. He also won't sell you anything that you don't need and in fact will recommend that you start out with just a couple tools based on the type of turning that you do or want to do.

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