Re: Tool rest locking handle question

john in lutz
I have a similar Nova DVR and have been annoyed that the handles for locking the banjo and tool rest intersect each other. They always seemed to be in the way of each other. The handle for the banjo is locked in a horizontal position and unlocked in a vertical position. When the banjo handle is vertical position it interferes with tool rest handle use. Since I had to tighten the banjo handle (move to the horizontal position) to adjust the tool post, I finally just learned to try to get the banjo where I wanted it, then loosely tighten it and adjust the tool rest. Then I would make an final adjustment to the banjo. This would leave the tool rest handle at a 45 degree angle. The handle for the banjo clears the tool rest handle at that angle. While it was at first awkward, now I do it without thinking about it. I fact have not thought about it for months until I saw this post.

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