Re: Tool rest locking handle question

John K Jordan
>>>I thought about a washer/spacer but it would fall out every time I removed the tool rest.

I think you would put the (thin) washer on handle bolt on the outside of the banjo where it wouldn't fall off. If the shape or construction didn't easily allow this you might remove a little metal on the casting to make the handle move a bit further. But it would be far better to use the adjustable handle - I can't remember seeing a lathe without one in at least a decade.

Another thing you could do is replace the existing handle with a simple bolt. Tack weld an old wrench or handle on to the end of the bolt to give you the exact angle you want.

Or grind of a tad off the end of the handle bolt inside where it contacts the post so the handle would rotate a bit further. This is more trouble to reverse and may not work if there is not enough thread. A space or just a small bead could be welded or brazed on the tip of the bolt to make the handle stop in the other direction. (Just a small glob of brass on the end might be enough) If you don't have metal-working capability maybe you have a friend.


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