Bald-faced hornets

John K Jordan
Fortunately, bald/white faced hornets are not aggressive (unless you mess with their home.) I used to be terrified of them until I found out. Now I go up near the nest to watch it. Unless the nest is in a bad spot (like yours) I just leave it alone.

I've removed the nests at night when the residents are not flying. I put on a beekeepers suit, climb a ladder, hit it with a couple of cans of wasp/hornet spray, then knock down the nest.

A friend of mine slides a plastic garbage bag over them at night (if he can reach them), sprays some hornet spray in the bag then ties it closed.

This summer I iwas watching a huge nest here about 10' off the ground. After the 1st frost there was no activity but the colony may have been weak. I meant to save the nest but I forgot and a hard rain ruined it. A guy I know has one cut in half vertically to show the inside and I want to try that.


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