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Keith Newton
A couple of years ago I built a duck blind for my nephew and cousins. It's up on a huge cypress out in a slough about half mile from out cabin. Right now its about 12' up. Last week my nephew went over, and there was a huge Bald-face Hornet nest hanging from one of the rail post, and down under the deck. I'm sure I was over there about a month ago, and climbed up there and sat down right next to and over them for a while without seeing it. There was a non woven camo mesh hanging off the rail which has decomposed, and probably hanging over it.

Man I'm glad they didn't attack me. I'd hate to think how BAD diving or even jumping off and landing on a submerged knee could have gone.

By the way, they want ME to deal with it. I'll probably go over whenever the temp is down in the low twenties, with headnet some morning and try to get a construction bag around it. They are suppose to be all gone or dead after a freeze or two, but there have already been a couple of mornings in the mid twenties, yet I saw them flying in and out yesterday.

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