Fat pine?

John K Jordan
>>>I just finished a box turned from heart pine that came from a warehouse that was built in the 1840's. It smelled as if it was cut yesterday.

Did you ever turn "fat" pine (sometimes called "lighter" pine, used to burn, fire starters, torches and things)? Ralph Watts once gave me a huge piece of fat pine that I want to try turning. I wonder if it's the same as heart pine. Now I want to go out and cut off a piece. Maybe I should first give it the barn loft summer heat treatment I gave the pine boards.

>>>You should use sandpaper like John Lucas is paying for it.

I have no trouble with using sandpaper like that. The trouble I have is getting John to actually buy it for me. Maybe he'll read this and feel bad and buy a round of sandpaper for all of us!

BTW, I've shown your little ort bowl to a lot more people since I took it off the shelf in the house and put it in the cabinet in the shop. It and the box now have a place of honor along with with things by Lucas, Ed Davidson, Frank Penta, and others.


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