Re: New Dust Collection technology from a lathe ma

David Walser
Thanks for the links, Roger. It's interesting technology, but it's not a lot more efficient than a good cyclone with a decent canister filter. I could see a commercial shop getting it, but only if it had the capacity to handle several stationary machines at once. It doesn't. With 1,100 cfm, it doesn't move enough air to work be set in the corner of the shop, connected to a series of ducts covering an entire shop. Even with all the gates closed except for the one machine that's in use, the airflow is insufficient for long duct runs. So, that means you'll need to move the machine from machine to machine. For $4k, most hobbyists would expect to be able to move enough air to run ducts to each machine. Yes, such a large system would make more noise -- but that's not a problem if the dust collector is in its own room.

Like their lathe, Harvey has some cool technologies on offer. I just don't think most woodworkers will find their tools produce enough additional benefit for their high price. For their sake, and ours, I hope I'm wrong.

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