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Peter Hyde
I used Cascamite for many years during and after apprenticeship in UK. Best glue ever! So I was totally shocked by the glue choices when I crossed the pond. Managed to find a similar powdered resin here in Canada now made by Circa 1850 (Swing Paints) http://www.swingpaints.com/category/epoxies.
It does not creep or stain the wood. Wash off any squeeze out before it sets using warm water. Clean up tools and brushes with warm soapy water. If you let it set then a card scraper will remove the surplus easily. Sets to a brittle glass like substance that is boiling water proof. Only big drawback is shelf life. To check if glue is still good mix up a small amount and put a spot between index finger tip and thumb and rub together . It should feel smooth and creamy, if it feels gritty and hasn't mixed together properly then the glue is dead. I always check freshly bought cans this way and return any that are dead. Put a date on the can when you buy and check for usability up until 1 year has passed then toss it. Mixing ratio is around 5 parts powder to 1 part water and it should be condensed milk consistency.

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