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John K Jordan
Thanks for all the options. I'm less worried about it now. I finished the turning today, scraped the inside to a perfect curve then sanded with 320 and 400. I have scraps for some more tests. The wood is special and the friend is special - don't want to mess it up!

>>>ebd: Gosh that's beautiful - both the bowl and the wood color & figure.

Thanks! I got that wood from our illustrious leader Ellis. When I cut into the slab it looked fairly bland compared to other olive I've turned but whoa, it really popped when I wiped on some liquid!

I don't often make more than a couple of one thing but these have been so popular I've make a pile of them so far from a variety of woods - just need a 1.5-2" board about 9x9". Some are flatter and some dished more, what ever I feel like at the time.

I've been giving them mostly for wedding presents but took this one to Italy to give to our friend whose family took us all over northern Italy for a week-long private guided tour. The wood for this piece was from Ellis too! (picture posted before)

I'd LOVE to find some more like this!!! The chatoyance was to die for.


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