Arbortec is just as dangerous

john lucas
No it's not. I heard that statement many times. I have a Lancelot and borrowed an Arobortech. I ran those two side by side all day long trying all sorts of different cuts. One doesn't kick back any worse than the other. My son and I rigged up a sort of Myth Busters situation where we mounted the grinders in a fixture and presented the cutters in the worst way into the wood and measured the kick back. They were virtually identical. I had my doubts early on because the blades are running at the same rpm and the same diameter so it seemed to me they would be equally dangerous. The Lancelot has smaller teeth and the Arobortec has fewer larger. I think the Arobortec is a better cutter because the teeth stay sharper. It also doesn't throw small sharp shaving back at your arm like the Lancelot. The lancelot does require sharpening every now and then but is considerably less expensive than the Arbortec.
Now the Arbotec mini is far far safer. While we were running the other two tests I also ran tests on the Holy Galahad which is safer than the Arobortec or Lancelot. You can't get into tight places with the Holy Galahad but for general shaping it hogs of wood pretty fast and you can take very delicate cuts. I tried to make it run on me and had to work at it. The Lancelot or Arbortec will run easily if you stick them in vertically like trying to cut with the nose of the Chainsaw which we all know is dangerous. If the Holy Galahad gets away from you and hits you it will most likely just tear up a lot of skin, not cut deep with huge lacerations like the Lancelot or Arbortec. I had some images of a guy who was using an angle grinder with one hand. It got away from him and ran across his throat. By some miracle it bounced over the carotid artery or he would be dead. Very gruesome photos. I finally tossed those when it turned out no one wanted an article on Grinder safety.
I wanted to do a safety article on those tools but at the time all 3 magazines didn't want any liability issues. I still plan on doing a video on using those cutters safely. After my tests I went to my friend Brad Sells who uses angle grinders all day long for his work and we talked about safe use. Brad gave me some good tips.

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