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The movie and photography have encountered problems while using LED lighting to accurately
reflect color rendering on various projects. For unexplained reasons the CRI and color of the LED
source does not replicate the same performance as other lamp sources have over the years.

Depending on the application and the person, the quality and quantity of light needed will vary.
General lighting in a work shop compared to lighting in a photography studio will be different.
Wood Turners might fall somewhere in between both of those worlds, color rendering could
be critical if you are trying to provide a specific color. Your finishing room may require better
quality lighting to provide a higher level of color rendering.

I have a question for everyone.....When I view the color of a red apple through my eyes that convert
the reflected image into electrical impulses which then send these impulses to my brain which converts those impulses to a visual image in my brain, do I see the same color that someone else is seeing with
their eyes and their brain?

Viewing an object under your shop lighting will be very different compared to looking at the same object
in natural sun light.

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