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Steve Kniffen
I have a set of the Harbor Freight headband magnifiers and I use them occasionally. If I'm at my work bench I use the Magnifying LED work light from Rockler (http://www.rockler.com/magnifying-led-work-light) which is magic for reading the instructions on glue tubes or something. They put it on sale for half price 2-3 times a year too.

Several years ago, I started getting my bifocals made so the reading portion is focused at arm's length. This makes them ideal for working on the computer, reading my speedometer, radio, and GPS, and for doing work on the lathe. I had to special order them and sent more than one pair back for remake because they didn't believe I really wanted what I asked for, but I did.

Now, whenever I get new glasses, I get a new pair of prescription bifocal safety glasses. They are comfortable and I can see out of them while protecting my eyes. They work under a face shield (yes, safety glasses are required under a face shield) and I can wear them with my respirator. This was the best solution for me.

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