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John K Jordan
I installed T5 fluorescent light fixtures with high output bulbs. They are incredibly bright (much brighter than T8 fixtures) even though I turn on just 1/2 of the bulbs at once unless I want more light. There is no detectable flicker or strobing and the color temperature is perfect for me.

I do have some LED fixtures in the shop and in the barn and they are fine. However, the jury is still out on how long they will last. Two of my LED lights have failed in four years. Heat is a problem - I now look for fixtures with good heat sinks, for example, LED strips bonded to a thick metal housing.

Another concern is if LEDs will keep their brightness over time. One company has already been sued by the government when lights they advertised as good for tens of thousands of hours lost a high percentage of their brightness after just a few years. Time will tell if the fixtures being installed now will still be working and useful in 10 or 20 years.

If the LEDs in a fixture fail the entire fixture may need to be replaced. If installing LED lighting in the shop I would either install receptacles in the ceiling and use plug-in fixtures or look for LED tubes intended to replace fluorescent bulbs.

BTW, I used a light meter to check some LED fixtures when new. If you write the numbers on the fixture it will be easy to monitor the brightness. It would be nice to know whether the eyes or the lights are dimming with age!


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