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The LED lighting has some pros and cons. The typical LED lights are made as cheaply as possible
and the quality of illumination from most of these luminaires is horrible. The exposed Light Emitting
Diode is very harsh on the naked eye compared to other light sources. A diffused lense is a good option
to soften the light source. Another option is indirect lighting which reflects the light source into the work
space without having a direct line of sight of the LED.

The LED lighting is an instant on light source not affected by cold temperatures in an outdoor shop. The
LED modules and power supplies can be negatively impacted by higher ambient temperatures in a shop
that is not air conditioned. Higher temperatures will kill the LED's and cause the power supplies to fail early.
In a conditioned work space you can get many years of service from the LED luminaires. Most of the LED luminaire models are obsolete within several years as the design and technology is rapidly changing from
year to year. Most manufacturers do not provide replacement parts for the LED modules, it is wise to purchase a couple of spare luminares for your future replacement needs, or you will be forced to purchase a different newer model to replace a failed installed luminaire.

The quality of power supply used in each fixture can also be a source of harmonics on your electrical system. Cheaper power supplies have poor harmonic ratings which can cause heating issues on neutral conductors, cause breakers to trip, and other related issues.

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