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Jeff Smith
I've just recently finished (sort of) my new shop. I'm on an island, too. The shop is roughly 26 x 32, the working area (26 x 18) has a 9' cieling with 6 cieling mount led strip lights, not the tube type. The turning area has a sloped cieling with two 2 x 4 skylights and 5 can lights with leds. There are also outlets in case I feel the need for drop lights. Good light for both areas.
I can't agree on the 5000k color temp. I've spent my working life in color controlled lighting and doing critical color matching for clients. 5000k looks like a cold fishbowl to me. I prefer the warmth of 3200 - 3500k. your color rendition will adapt, and its a much more comfortable environment - at least for me. Unless you're doing critical color matching across remote locations, 5000k lighting is overkill.

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