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Donna Banfield
I have both the Opti-Visor and Mag-Eyes. I use the Opti-Visor when doing carving and piercing, because that extra plastic part over the top of the lens toward the forehead helps with any dust that could migrate beyond my prescription safety glasses. And all carving and piercing is done at a dedicated station in front of a carver's dust collection. But stuff still migrates. They are heavy though, and I had to add a washer between the plastic thumb screw and the head band, because after a couple years of use, they would no longer tighten.

I bought the Mag-Eyes to use for airbrushing and fine line woodburning. As already stated, they are very light, and because they aren't used around abrasives, but only in the room for finishing, airbrushing and woodburning, the lens remains clear.

For anyone who has never tried a magnifier - do it. I didn't know what I couldn't see, until I finally saw what I couldn't see!!

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